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Queens, Red Carpets & Kings ..’

The View – ‘Two Sides to a Story’.

There is always two sides to a story ..’ The one told and the one untold. When two faced people slander openly, saboteur or backbite; to score cheap – loveless points :: just remember this. By their vibrations you shall know them. Ditto :: In the end, what will be will be – and always does,Continue reading “The View – ‘Two Sides to a Story’.”


  010. Meeting a business contact and they repeatedly make passes at you – shamelessly – to the point where they don’t want to engage you professionally any longer, cuz u r keeping it professional. 009. When an unfriendly smile is beaming – smiling back at you and you just know, it’s not what itContinue reading “TEN THINGS I DISLIKE ::”

Anthony Everest at BEN TV – SKY 182 on Sat Mar 15

A SEGMENT ON :: The Magazine Show with Toya. A Washington. :: on Ben TV – SKY 182, 1-3PM – Streamed live on – :: More info on here Web: Twitter Repeated on Monday 17-03-14! On my New EP – Never Around & Charity Project – Run To Love </p Anthony Everest at BEN TVContinue reading “Anthony Everest at BEN TV – SKY 182 on Sat Mar 15”