010. Meeting a business contact and they repeatedly make passes at you – shamelessly – to the point where they don’t want to engage you professionally any longer, cuz u r keeping it professional.

009. When an unfriendly smile is beaming – smiling back at you and you just know, it’s not what it looks like


008. When you are around people who are devoid of happiness they result to evil and evilness

007. Telling me what I can or can not be 

006. Holding my freedom :: BOOM!


004. Taking from the needy, lonely and destitute

003. And what have you done for me lately …’ Good ?


002. Love won’t hate

001. The devil is a liar! Always giving you a nickle for a dollar plus compound interest. No thanks!

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'The world is tired of political and economic domineering. We need love, unity and peace'. MercyfulGrace is an un-orthodox, inspirational & transcendental blog, projecting light on Arts and Humanities. We respect all faiths; or belief systems that don't contradict love. We also believe - God Is Love*. There is nothing above Love ..' Follow and share our posts, tweets or updates. Thank You. ©2020 MercyfulGrace All Rights Reserved

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