Self #Love – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Me time. I needed that. I’m such a maverick when it comes to doing what I want. Sometimes flying solo isn’t so bad at all. I just #did ..’ – Anthony Everest


God, is forever pure, as sure, as a new dawn, forever more. I’m forever grateful, despite incessant, disappearing, road blocks for real love bestowed upon this blessed burden in every challenge ..’ It’s why I have lesser patience for trifflling stunt queens.

In a world of illusions, nothing is real; but the love of God. The rest is a waste of time!

Heres a well of wellness – they don’t call it a revelation for nothing. If not, so; everyone would get it ..’

The Blood of Jesus*, I proclaim. Sanctified Blessed* am I, and everything I lay my hands upon, in Jesus Name. Ain’t nobody stepping upon my dreams; here on, here :: Cross Me and Cross the Lord* :: Amen ::

My conversations are between me and my maker. If it jars you – don’t read them ::

Hypocrisy and Religion have been walking side by side since the dawn of man. You won’t find it just in politics. But then again, who said Religion is not Politics?

The line between religion and hypocrisy has been blurred since the dawn of man!

The more I look at humanity, the more I see how beautiful we are, as ugly as we are!

I was looking for myself in other people until I found myself, in myself. That’s when I let go of the manipulation, from all the manipulators, and all the gaslighters; to truly free myself, indeed, from that hypocrisy 🎤🎶⚠️.

Listen to Hypocrite on Deezer: Discover “Hypocrite” by Àrèmúorin on Deezer

When frenemies can’t manipulate you, they result to mud slinging dirty tactics.

Unfortunately, I out class them in that dept with too much uniqueness, wit, charisma & talent to be rolling in the mud with their self hate, 6 inches, below the gutters ..’

My infinite special thanks to Lady Waynet and her Team at Extraordinary Achievers TV for this wonderful promo they blessed me with. I am humbled. 🌺❤️👈🏾

#MercyfulGrace #AreYouReady

Produced by Aremuorin

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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