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Written by Anthony Everest ..’ 🌈 ✍🏿 🙏🏿

So I started a Netflix habit & discovered I could spend time learning about some underground culture. I am amazed with what life lessons you could pick up. Things your mother never told you ..’

  1. Pose
  2. AJ & the Queen
  3. RuPaul Dragrace All Stars (4)
  4. Dancing Queen
  5. RuPaul Drag Race

Banana (4OD. Last Episode 8)

Banana cracks me up ..’ Set in Manchester. She is so green and does not speak English.

This black slave is encouraged by her white lesbian boss to run away to London – before the pimp arrives ..’ The slave found some money, belonging to the pimp, in a wall, and her boss told her to keep it and gave her loads of more money – too, saying – run!

For streaming – If You Need Me – (the Mixtape) out: now: Prelude to #OblivionEp. You can also get it from major digital online retailers like Amazon or Apple.

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Boss – Who is your friend in London, that can help you?
Slave – Ayaba
Boss – Who is Ayaba?
Slave – Queen Elizabeth

LOL. Its funny, cuz I speak Yoruba fluently, and she speaks Yoruba throughout the drama.

So when she said Ayaba, the first time, I genuinely thought – it was a real friend, until, later on – when she did the punchline.

Anthony Everest & Stella Damarsus

Oh, its so funny ..’ If you were Yoruba, you would totally laugh your pants off. Now, some may frown at these stereotypes – but it’s okay – to make fun, sometimes ..’ Easy.

Personally, I love the wit in the xter profiles, cuz they, address larger issues.

Sometimes, in life – you never know, whose, gonna save you! Just because people are smiling at you – don’t mean they love you. ‘Not everyone who is with you is for you …’

Watch it on 4OD. Last Episode 8.

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