My Testimony – #In14ways #MercyfulGrace

Why I thought I didn’t have wisdom:

An aunt made me feel stupid and I was always treated that way for a while. She told me one day out of annoyance while she was nursing her first child; to ask God for wisdom.
Why I thought I did not have a good singing voice:

I was always treated as different and an outsider growing up at home & within my extended family.

Never felt accepted. I was always compared with my cousins as the status quo and told I wasn’t good enough.

Music moved me unlike any thing and gave me, clarity, hope, rest, peace, a santuary and an identity.

I loved listening to Amy Grant & Maranatha as a child. Later Helen Baylor & Whitney Houston.
Then Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli when I came to England.

Helen Baylor was a defining moment when my cousin gave me her tape – Highly Recommended.

I was transfixed. I told God I want to sing like that when I grow up. It was done and sealed. I also told him I will edify him with my voice. Then I forgot and it nearly went completely wrong for me.
I was 19 then.

My school mother gave me Gospel Songs of Any Grant & Maranatha to learn.

They grew on me. I wanted to sing like these kids on the recordings and wished I was in their company away from my reality. So I sang more.

When I heard the soprano lines; I was facsinated by their wall of sounds.

How I prayed about this and exactly:

So, I asked God to give me a very beautiful voice and make my range wider and higher than all the soprano singers in my youth choir, or that I’ve heard and all the boys singing tennor. And I, got it.
I was removed from tennor to sing soprano in my church youth choir.
I always associated my voice / music as a gift from God and a prayer. It’s spiritual and sacred for me.

How that was answered?

When I started singing very high and making songs up all the time. Also, given Soprano lines to sing and got signed up at 21.

My music is powerful. It heals. I heard testimonies from mothers who say their sons listen to my album ‘Follow Your Dreams’ – songs I wrote and recorded; every night before bed. Especially an autistic boy.

My music topped Jazz charts and got awards internationally with high praises from colleagues and rave reviews.

It got me a lot of frenemies, saboteurs and haters too. It came with the package. It was hard to process at first. Now I’m good.
Nobody hates on a looser. They only do when you are slaying.

How did God give you wisdom:

I started having a sixth sense, revelations, gift of dreams and became very concious; very young.
Then God revealed himself to me and spoke to me about my destiny and purpose to edify him and how he would use me later on as an adult.

Especially as a great writer – the Award winning (MercyfulGrace Blog). Not so much as a great singer; cuz I broke my oath. He did still promise me a very good singing career. I then remembered my oath to him. Our oath. The pact we made.

Every time the world was offered to me; He would tell me to say no.

The first time I disobeyed; I tore my larynx and lost my beautiful voice for almost a decade and could not sing. Then lost my record deal(s).

I went down a depression spiral and became narcoleptic. God is real. Very, very real.

Do I now sing more?

Yes – Everyday. Holistically, professionally and creatively #AnthonyEverestMusic
I am singing at the Hilton this weekend and the Marriott next month.

By Anthony Everest


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