Tyra Sanchez In 14 Ways – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Love Tyra. What a feisty fictional Queen. Why is she misunderstood ..’


Tyra Sanchez – http://MercyfulGrace.blog

We met up with the other Tyra 🙂🤗😍. Need we say more. Slay. Slay. Slay. Still, we are bewildered we pulled this one off. God is awesome. We are truly humbled and blessed. Miracles do happen when you do believe ..’

Tyra is definitely one of our most all time favourite Queens from the Rupaul Drag Race franchise. This is a token of our love and thanks to her for the interview. Superb. We hope you do agree too. She is a world Class Act !!! Nothing but love ..’

We love Tyra Sanchez. Such a Brilliant Gifted Talent. Some Queens are struggling with one look. She’s knocking out 3 in one runway walk with the same outfit. It’s obvious why and where the trawls are from. Hater’s are gonna hate but God said no ..’

It takes one with a strong willed character to understand…

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