#Priest: Leave the #baby alone – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Need I say #more – #In14Ways

#Light #Love #Power
#Church #Mess


What demon does this baby have that you are trying to cast out save yours and your ego – dear white jesus?

I went thru this sh*t my whole life till God delivered me from this demonic institution ..’

Of course not all of them are evil but majority of them are too dumb and dim witted to realise their bosses covet evil.

Jesus don’t know them from Adam. Jesus did not die for his name to be mocked either in broad daylight.

They follow fake organised religions mataining status quo’s. Like I say – ‘ I dont need the Pope to find God ..’ – #In14Ways

By Aremuorin

#Light #Love #Power

More coming soon ..’

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