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My #Grandmother. God Bless her told me once, after I told her about someone who offended me and what I’d like to do to them.

The next thing she told me; I’ll never forget forever. She said –

‘You are not reading your bible anymore – that’s why you are speaking like that’ ..’

She is so darn right. It’s so long ago but it feels like yesterday! Love my Nan*. God bless her.

As much as I like to contest the authenticy of the bible and it’s political or racial agenda – it still packs a punch of inspirational truths.

The Holy Spirit is the key to unlocking those truths. It’s where religion gets it wrong, cuz God is not religion. God is love.

And Jesus; the basis of Christianity did not send the bible to his followers when he was ascending back to his father (God)…

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