Love above all ..’

Anthony Everest - Merry #Xmas

I lack no gratitude(s) so I’ll always have to give in abundance out of even empty ..’ – Anthony Everest

Merry Xmas to everyone. Xmas is more than turkey, presents and parties. Largely it is about a beautiful gift called redemption. Just remember that too. Have a good one ..’

Negative People:

Just don’t let the enemy. Pray if you need to. Walk if you need to. Take advice if you need to. Remove yourself if you need to. Bind the demons if you need to. Love yourself more if you need to.

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Do what ever it’s takes for you to reach your goal and destiny, in life, without; debilitating someones else’s worthy road to success; by short cuts that transgress the rights of others – cuz you refute your long and distant walk to your objective.

Love Vs God - Anthony Everest - MercyfulGrace.jpg

It’ll only backfire – especially if you are messing where you shouldn’t be messing. There is something unexplained about those who acknowledge God that can’t be denied.

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The love of God to #me is #absolute. There is nothing to #negate above his love. So rightly so. There is #nothing above love. #Racism is deep. How can you #hate another kind like you and say you love #God? You need #psychiatry #evaluation! This world is #sick #beyond fathoms. Need a #word? #Love !!!!!!!


Clearly, if you have to result to irrational fear or white supremacist demonic racist antics that you were raised on and brainwashed with, you are not – whole. We all know, now; except you, that Jesus is not white but if it makes you feel good don’t stop ..’

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Whether you think it’s the season for  ‘Santa’ or ‘Satan’, ‘Dog or ‘God’,  much love to you and have a merry-some good one however you choose to think it through ..’

Written by #AnthonyEverest

Whats your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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