Being liked by everyone ..’

Being liked 󰀀 by every one is so over rated and un-realistic. It won’t be living. Live your life and fcuk your haters who wish upon a star ..’


My AnR used to say to me. ‘FCUK EVERY ONE ELSE’. I guess he was saying take care of your interests. My mum said the same always. Self first. Others last. I hated those two idealogies. 

However, they are bang on retrospectively. People are inherently selfish. The naturally take, and take, and take, till you are out; and gone. It’s sad 😥 but true. Very few are exceptions to the rule and are  rare Jewels, to find. I learned this – first hand 🙋. 

I have given so much selflessly to folks over my career while the very same back 👇 stabbed; with a repeating smile 😼. Some even did it, religiously, under pretences of white ◻ Jesus, and sorts. Smh.  Now. I am done ..’ That’s the last time ..’

Of course. Be Nice, 😏, kind and helpful to those deserving and worthy of a genuine helping hand. 🙋. The rest is up to God and good karma ..’

These mofos forgot I come from good 😊 stock ..’ I have, genuine beautiful 😍 friends, amazing siblings, great uncles, aunts and cousins all over the planet. I almost forgot that part ..’

God is very much present. Satan you loose ..’ Amen. Declaring Jesus!

Now I fully understand Genesis 6:6. I’d be troubled too ..’ #MercyfulGrace #WhatGodSaid #Humans

I can only salute God for his patience with us. If I was him for a day – I’d wipe us all off and start again. But that won’t be love. Would it. Lesson there. On Love ..’

#MercyfulGrace #GodsLove #Amazing

My mother told me a beautiful story of how Joseph was sold into slavery and how he was always attacked where ever he went for a while, but every where he moved on to, he was always blessed again. I remember that story today! So comforting ..’

There’s a day I play and there’s a day I mean business ..’ 

I’m afraid, for what’s about to happen in the heavens beyond. For a miracle is imminent, slowly but sure. 

It’s a testimony of promise, covenant of word – that revelation of bond. It’ll rock the corners of the nations! 

One good soul could change lives. Brethren. Regardless. Don’t be dissuaded by haters and negative ❎ sorts. God keeps the record and scores ..’ Fear 😱 him alone who can kill both flesh and spirit, unlike they ..’ God Is Love 💓. My love burns their hate assunder ..’

Don’t forget me. Don’t pass me by.
#MercyfulGrace #GodFirst #GodBlessTheChild

Photo Credit – Johnny 😍

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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