Worship Music with Graham G O’Leary


‘Worship is not a ‘thing’ it cannot be owned, bought, sold or marketed to the church. You cannot get royalties from it, accolades, standing ovations, tv appearances, radio play. It is not a career, a hobby, it has no stage, no glory in itself. But worship is surrender, sacrifice, selfless, given freely, not self seeking but seeking the one to whom all worship is due.

Worship asks for nothing but gives everything, worship is a lifestyle, it permeates our very being, it is who we are and what we do in thankfulness to our Lord and Saviour, it has no style, but honour, no desire, except to love, no ambition, except to be worthy, it is an outward expression of the inward condition of our hearts ..’

– Graham G O’Leary

Amen. Beautifully spoken! This is an epiphany moment for me right here. I just remembered my first major record deal audition where I finished singing to them, offering me a million pound deal and God said I should say no. I proceeded after to say yes after a minute of self deliberation and tore my larynx one week later, as the lead singer of the boy band; of the project. It took me over a decade to rehabilitate my vocal chords.

This is deep. Thank you for sharing this. This so good Graham G O’Leary. God bless you abundantly and may his grace shine upon you irrevocably, so much you’d see his favour in every traces of your life. Amen. Keep it coming .


– When God Speaks To Me

Helen Baylor – Any gospel or inspirational music fans out there. I was revisiting her albums today – and this song touched me all over again  ..’ There’s a great line ‘He’s The One You’ve Been Waiting For’ …

and thought, imagine all atheists and agnostics got this revelation – like I did, when I was a teenager. I don’t know why. I just loved the sound of God and his presence. Its an internal feeling. It’s Love*.

I must admit, pop music / and the industry did pollute my purity to some extent, but at least I know more about the real world and the difference between been saved and not.

In the same sense, having some gospel artistes as clients doing music public relations for them, opens your eyes to a lot of hypocrisy in the game. Its a music business after all. There’s more mess to clean up; with them, than with circular artistes; because of their hypocrisy backlash.

The gospel and phoney. That nasty ugly religious business that held me captive for years making me feel like I was not good enough.


I remember I was in a club one day, on my birthday – in soho, and God filled my heart and temple with so much warmness, and he spoke these unmistakable recognizable words to me. He’s voice is impeccably, distinctive; when he speaks, because everything consumes like surround-sound, and renders you, thoughtfully, still.

He said – ‘People like you don’t belong here’. He rehashed it over and over. He was fatherly, graceful, compassionate and kind in every way he spoke. I felt like He was standing there next to me – within. Shortly after. I sliced my hand on the railing I held on to and bled profusely.

Do you know every time I went back to that club, over the years – they gave me hell. They frustrated me. In fact. I was harassed, so bad, by plants; it was not a joke.

One day – a Caucasian girl came over to talk with me casually, like a friend at first, cowardly,  then said – ‘Go Home’. All within less than a minute, after approaching me excitedly, where she started ignoring me; playing cruel games back and forth. I just feel like sharing.

Are you looking for a friend. He’s the one you’ve been waiting for ..’ Jesus!

#Thankyou #Jesus #MercyfulGrace

By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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