MercyfulGrace Diaries with Love – ‘The Truth Is’


Just because they are on your grid don’t make them friends. Largely parasites; waiting – to suck. Bitterly, twisted enraged; demotivating jealous spirits. Holy ghost Fire Burn the lot.

So, forewarning – if you come for me with it one more time, that dirty negative slandering, sabotaging antic, again; I will write you under the table – uncomfortably, and unforgettabbly.

The bitch is back. Full throttle.  Time to fly. When the enemy is rattling you, it’s because your break through is coming.

Take notes. Thieves don’t break into an empty house. Bunch of two faced leopards creeping about in the temple.

When the truth has spoken, love has lifted, what love has gifted and no longer drifted ..’ 

Don’t waste your time with people who dont love you …’ If they won’t acknowledge you in public, don’t acknowledge them in private.

Now I know why some Chinese wont do business with you unless you speak their language. Trust.

When you know you have no pretense in you, there is no problem with you ..’ Let the confidence do the talking.


(C) 2016 Anthony Everest
All Rights Reserved

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