I Raise The Tone


I raise the tone*. I am ‘Anthony Everest’. Refuse to let any of those get me stressed; or down, any more.

Now I know why they don’t even like me. Cuz they want to be me.

They had to spin these crazy lies about me to feel good. Ok dot com. This thrash is beneath me.


It’s awfully hard to let go of people who you love; that don’t, love you.
I learned, first hand, not to hurt myself like that; any more. The greatest love of all ..’ Bam xXx


People who don’t love you will ultimately betray you with their disloyalty. Even thou; they smile. They’ve only come to see.

This venom is spiritual. It’s hateful and felt from a million miles apart. Why wait around it. Open your eyes. Deep!

Disloyal people are not your friends. They are just spectators of the show. Get rid. I could call them worse. But that’s not what love would do.

So. Let them watch from a great distance. Amen.

#MercyfulGrace #SelfEsteem #Love


These talentless couch casted those even plagerise me; then try to censor me. This thrash is beneath me.

Darn it. Wish I could rap like Fifty or Missy. This is Real talk. Real life.

I regard no one disrespecting me anymore. A cheap whore for the night, is all that is good for. This thrash is beneath me.


I feel good already. Wont be dumb as. You probably thought you was gonna last more nights. Oh Foolish! Read a book and do the maths.

Just because it’s successful does not mean its credible. Thou! You can’t say that about me. You two faced back stabbing liars! Your thrash is beneath me.


Why I even, gave your crap, my time, for so long, I don’t know. I should have switch slapped, your pass, a long time ago. The irony on my ivory.

Mother mother’s. I raise the tone. This thrash is beneath me.

Love Thy Neighbour

Lord Jesus why would I need fake friends in my life ..’ They can go right back to sender.

That kind of religious dogma comes with a special warning!

I love my enemies but I love myself much more. Fake friends are not my neighbour(s).


(C) 2016 Anthony Everest / Aremuorin.com
All Reserved Reserved

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