Why I Blocked You !!!


#My #friends love me unconditionally. They have my back. They counsel and value my love, time, affection with what surprises, I have to give. They are real.


My friends dont tell lies on me, nor seek their way with treacherous wickedness, for the price of cheap fame, or rewards; fortified with soulless cruel games and foolery.


My friends are true They epitomize love. They radiate joy. They share. They care. They light the world with all these beautiful things that only love can endure.


#Smiling at me, and #mocking; #behind #me isn’t #friendship. So, are you then #surprised – you are #blocked. No one needs that.

#Or do you #think; I don’t #know, nor #see #you in every #frame? #Why would I #lower #myself to that thrash. Social climbing, two faced, backstabbers.


#I #have #no #interest #or #time for #two #faced #friendships.

#Love and #Loyalty

(C) 2016 Anthony Everest / Aremuorin.com

Published by MercyfulGrace

'The world is tired of political and economic domineering. We need love, unity and peace'. MercyfulGrace is an un-orthodox, inspirational & transcendental blog, projecting light on Arts and Humanities. We respect all faiths; or belief systems that don't contradict love. We also believe - God Is Love*. There is nothing above Love ..' Follow and share our posts, tweets or updates. Thank You. ©2020 MercyfulGrace All Rights Reserved

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