What Haters do ..’ #MercyfulGrace

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God told me something today. It’s so apt and re assuring ..’ – Anthony Everest

God told me something today. It’s so apt and re assuring. Very personal – which I won’t be sharing. But just before, earlier in the day – a thought transpired, in my mind – ‘When haters throw mud, and abuse in your face, their only mischievous agenda, and / or attempt, is to slow you down’. By the time, you expend your energy on defending your self – they’ve left, you behind. Word! –
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As a wise preacher said to me this morning. Don’t bother – defending yourself before them. Keep moving / running whilst you are cleaning that mud off your face, so you can see, exactly – where you are going ..’
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Wise words indeed. I conclude. Just because thrash is talking, does not mean, you have to, give it an audience; or engage – it ..’ Now why would you roll in the gutter, two inches below, with thrash!
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There is no need to envy evil of any kind. Love all good and the goodness you can find, then the goodness in love – will follow, time after time.

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