I learn from falling .. ‘


I have to be a bit of a bitch in 2015. Of course, I got my morals in check, knowing the difference t’ween, right and wrong. 

#MercyfulGrace #Faith #Salvation 

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However – 2014 was a trying time, between – Jealousy, spirituality, dreams, fake friends, rogue musicians, working and being focused. I think some people, misconstrue my niceness for weakness. Okay.Dom. That was so last year. New shifts in focus is happening. I’m ready for ya ..’ Bring it on. Clowns!


And don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I choose to waste my time on negative people with their antics, cuz my time is way too precious to me, to be involved in such. I’m just putting it out there, if your agenda is 2014 – its now 2015. If this was a phone call, I would be saying, ‘wrong no’. What you see is what you get ..’ I have a new revelation going on, and its about loving not about tripping! Amen!

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