Anthony Everest and Friends


To be loved is always. Not for a day or two. Only you, can do that for yourself – when you know your worth. No air of graces need be given to command self respect. Just do it!

My mother told me something – before :: It went over my head. Until she said it the second time, yesterday – that’s when it sunk ..’ Noted* ::


Don’t think about all their hatefulness. Think about all your *Great-Full-Ness* :: Next :: ::

I hear music and there is nothing playing ..’
It sounds like a beautiful symphony
If only I could lay my head next to yours
To hear what I hear …’

Every time the enemy challenges you,
that’s your moment to testify. To rise, to shine,
to take a stand, to declare, to affirm, to uphold,
to be recharged, to be re inspired, to be called,
to be accounted, to be fortified, to be strength and
an emblem – that if Love* is for you; who can
reverberatingly – be against you!

And these are days of our minds ..’
©2014 Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest
All Rights Reserved

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