Do I Do Stupid

Do I Do Stupid – (Wip)
©2014 Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest
All Rights Reserved


When I see you I act stupid
You make me nervous, inside
I feel that you know what I need
Come closer let me heal your heed

You make me feel like I am only you
Looking at me wanting you more too
I can’t believe I am just this close
Still standing in line acting fine


Love never hurts. It’s only the fear of 
In so manny sorrows so many arrows
Tomorrow is always a step away
But tonight has begun yesterday

I am all angels and no demons now
One has to give and give some how
I’m asking you, waiting, painting you
A picture inside that I describe

And there I was looking out looking in

Fainting the one thing I claim to believe

Inside the dungeon of tears I can’t refrain

That life for a world in wishful dreams

When I see you I act stupid x4

When I see you I act stupid – 

Only when with you …’

Àrèmúorin Music


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