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Dealing With Trauma & #Anxiety ..’ – #In14Ways #AnthonyEverest #MercyfulGrace

Let nobody diminish your #trauma, pain, anxiety or stresses with ‘get over it’ – business. Abuse is abuse whether, mental, physical, passive or active.

They are not in your body, nor are they in your feelings. No shrink, psychologist nor real professional; culturally sensitive will say such, unless they are bias with an agenda conciously or unconciously. Take your time and do what you need to protect yourself.

Block these parasites with their narcissistic manipulative games if you need to, to avoid triggers. Be firm and leave no room for the devil. Put your foot down. Refuse micro aggressions.

You are not a door mat. Love is friendship not sociopathy. Love is not a door mat ..’

Just because some are morally or sadistically warped does not mean you have to live by their standards. Set your tone. There is no self love in that school of thought.

Physical Symptoms of Trauma:

Trauma often manifests physically as well as emotionally. Some common physical signs of trauma include paleness, lethargy, fatigue, poor concentration and a racing heartbeat. The victim may have anxiety or panic attacks and be unable to cope in certain circumstances.

Resources & Help Below👇🏿 – if you have been affected by this or for more assistance. Also you can opt to speak to your doctor❤👈🏿





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https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/post-traumatic-stress-disorder-ptsd/useful-contacts/ #Aremuorin #Realtalk #blm

For the first time in my life. I never thought it was a crime to have anxiety ..’

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