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I made up my #mind, in the mall, after I SAW the writings, on the wall, and I knew it was time to move on. So this #song came out of no where: And it’s now done ..’

– Anthony Everest

I experienced this in a biblical mammoth way in 2014.

I will never forget. The person who perpetuated these abohorrent sociopathic & nacarsisstic lies about me; professionally, died miserably, shortly after.

And, that’s not the only one, who God had dealt with, before over me, and will not be, the last.

To be left in the hands of God is a dangerous place to be. God speaks to me. This much, I know. Done with high maintenance relations.

God is real and an on time God. Here’s my advice. Don’t let them block your portal of creativity with negative misinformation.

Pray and #letgo ..’ – #In14Ways

#MyOde #To

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. (C) 2018 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest All Rights Reserved

Sometimes You Need To Know

People don’t just turn out crazy. People doing crazy things to them, make them. Thats the real crazy conundrum for you to figure ..’ Why? – Aremuorin


Screen your circles and allies. Test their loyalty from time to time. My experience is that the closest ones to you are the likeliest to sell you out to your worst enemies.

Anthony Everest – ‘What a Wonderful World, Live’:

This is real sh*t. Especially in showbiz, friends are rear to find. Most friendships are riddled with sociopathy and luciferianism. They are often the nicest to you publicly whilst saying amazing things to everyone about you. You need wisdom and eyes in the back of your head with Godly saving graces that are divine to spot the difference.

Thieves and lieing two faced back-stabbers who can’t wait to plagiarise at all cost. Talent-less imbeciles. What a waste of breath. Always willing to help themselves under disguises of helping you. My greatest mistake was denying it was not true or happening. Racism plays a part in this too. It works through principalities. There’s always one in the room working incognito.

I could write a glorius book on these satanic entities. Some people have sabotaged my works, and character attemptedly with despicable lies beyond fathom out of unprovoked jealousy and insecurities. It’s shocking how they come up with this. Feel sorry for those who buy into them. People don’t just turn out #crazy. #People doing crazy things to #them, make them. Thats the #real crazy #conundrum for #you to #figure ..’ Why?

All I can do is hold on to what God said he would do for me ..’ Love has many laces. Undo the ones that holds you prisoner. For love knows, that’s not it ..’ God is love. Now I can see who is real or full of bs in my circles. Cuz you know you removed yourself when I woke up and started spitting life. I put a prayer on it ..’ Amen !!!

#MercyfulGrace #RealTalk #FollowYourDreams

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Dont wait. Pass it on ..’

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

(C) 2016 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest
All Rights Reserved