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Slavery: Inherited Trauma #In14Ways

Slavery is not about 400 years ago but the effects today suppressing the black race. So we can’t get over it ..’ – #In14Ways

The imperialist systemic way of buttressing modern day #slavery #psychologically astounds me to the core no more. It’s pure #Inherited #Trauma.

To me. This is what slavery feels like hands down in 2018. #WindRush ..’

So why is it when #Africans talk about #slavery & #racism they tell us to get over it. Is it so that we can’t get #reparations like the #Jews?

So. Who are they to judge your life? Certainly not hypocrites. If you want to be happy you can’t be concerned with the sentiments of a fool ..’

#Light #Love #Power

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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