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I Love Brokeness and Misfits ..’ – #In14Ways #Lgbtq #MercyfulGrace

Why I #love brokeness and misfits. #They excite me like pieces #of leggo. Let’s go RealTalk ..’ – Anthony Everest

Found my old diary and these points I noted in it intrigued me to share.

#Love is the #truth. Everything else that contradicts this is a lie ..’ Everyone deserves one #chance to prove me wrong #before they are dead to #me ..’

My God is good as a sun shinning day. His name is love. He re fills me like fresh new wine. He sits within ..’ – #MercyfulGrace

A #hypocrite is not your #friend. The one #who wollows in their vommit pointing accusatory fingers is like a house on fire dreaming it away in a slumbered bed – dead. #MercyfulGrace

I guarantee you. You will never find another name that personifies love than Jesus*. #MercyfulGrace

As time is #money, don’t waste #mine.
I’ve business on my mind. Hypocrites intrigue me. Especially the religious ones. When the Holy Spirit breaks it down to me. I cry ..’

I rather be a king in my duplex than be a slave in your mansion ..’ #MercyfulGrace

God shocked me this week. Taking me places I’ve never fathomed in ways I’ve ever forgotten ..’

There is something #sick, #twisted and #pervasive in a #white mans head, for him to attack a #black man (in denial), going about his business to feel #normal (from his paranoia); then blame the black man for lashing out at him in self #defence ..’ – #In14Ways

Some people have come to upset your peace, because they want it (what you have) and they don’t know how (to get it).

Tell them about Jesus. When you accept Jesus; He will gift you with the Holy Spirit. The Prince of Peace.


Lord Jesus; if I knew this from day one of Sunday school, when I was 7, my life would have been sweet like a rose.

Don’t think all xtains (faith people) have peace. Some of them are tripping like druggies. The love of Money got to them, and it rooted them with evil, then looted them with twice the evil, they knew, than before.

I met some of the most evil of them, in my own home – first hand, face to face – as a child.

No surprise there anymore how I can read religious b.s. from a mile, and why I know so much.

#MercyfulGrace #Deep

This is why I am pro lgbq+ tbh. People should do what the want to do if it’s lawful.

Religious fanatics, hypocrites and self righteous messiah complexed individuals are doing the same in denial.

Instead of working out your own salvation, why are you pointing fingers in condemnation. Are your sins any pious or who tells you, you have none? Ecclesiastes 7:20.

Who are they to judge. Mathew 7:1 springs to mind ..’ – #In14Ways

Some of the greatest chosen ones for God’s ministry from the Bible were broken, stubborn, radicals, misfits and aethists from Moses to Paul.

#Light #Love #Power
#Lgbtq #BadReligion

By Anthony Everest

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‘Remembering’ – Paris

If these folks can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love, too ..’ – Anthony Everest


Have a great weekend. Remember times like these won’t always last forever. No matter how sad they are. Enjoy this!

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— with Anthony Everest 


— with Anthony Everest.

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B inspirational artiste, Multi Award Winning, Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.


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