The Table Talk: White Power & #Inclusion – #In14Ways #SundayConfessions #Racism #MercyfulGrace

This is a fantastic panel of white men and women with a black moderator – Anthony Everest

The #Racist #School – ‘That Dr Umar Johnson Built ..’ #In14ways #MercyfulGrace

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Not all white people are racist and not all blacks sell drugs. You must process that or you will loose ..’ – Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace Africans in Africa with multiple degrees can’t get a job too. That’s an irrelevant point. It’s not racism. His intolerance is shocking. He needs deliverance spiritually. This…

Racism ..’

Source: Racism ..’ A lot of things make sense. The diabolics of racial prejudice festered in cahooted disguises; able enough, to make coloured people, loose their minds. Pure Evil ..’  – Anthony Everest  Are you surprised; now, why they say we are delusional ..’ View this post on Instagram Now. A lot things of makeContinue reading “Racism ..’”