I Love Brokeness and Misfits ..’ – #In14Ways #Lgbtq #MercyfulGrace

Why? Let’s go ..’ – #In14Ways

ON REAL LOVE By Àrèmúorin

When godless loveless people smile – it’s a revelation, how & why they live so. Do they, really think, we don’t know? The Holy Spirit does not lie. When there is a block – there is a reason :: To those who know what love is – (Real Love) – Peace, Love, Joy and prosperityContinue reading “ON REAL LOVE By Àrèmúorin”

My Best Friend :: Hallelujah ::

I genuinely have only one friend ‘DA HOLY SPIRIT’ – It’s ever faithful and ever constant. It send’s an alarm bell through(out) my system – when the enemy is near! DISTRESS CALL !!! :: I often – don’t listen – and later, I remember.  Damm – The Holy Spirit – FORE warned. But I kept onContinue reading “My Best Friend :: Hallelujah ::”