Happy Birthday Jacqueline ..’ – #In14Ways #AnthonyEverestMusic #MercyfulGrace

Happy Birthday – Jacqueline. Long life and prosperity. 📸 Tyra.

God First. Aww. Singing at Jaqueline Wabara’s 50th. Blessed for our Amigo ..’ 💕😍👉🏿 ..’ – #In14Ways

Not sure if Emptiness, a cathartic song; was a good birthday song🤣. But why not. We all get a little empty sometimes. In the absence of love only one thing takes residency there.

Hellen Atim & Anthony Everest

We need to remind ourselves that there is more. Hope you had a ball. I had lost’s of fun. Was well worth it. I almost skipped this beautiful occasion as I was invited to two events on the same day. We found a way to do both.

Hope I sang good enough for you 🤔🙏🏿. Dear God. That red bull gave me a couple more hyperactive wings I needed to clip next time 😅.

HRH Peace & Hellen Atim & Anthony Everest

Love fears no evil. #Love is absolute and complete. It neither, #needs nor #wants. It simply gifts; all over again, self #sufficiently.

Henry, David & Anthony - AnthonyEverest.com

I’m just saying … Why don’t you start carrying around an extra pair of shades ..’ – Lisa Nichols

Jacqueline, the birthday girl, said on social media:

#Igbokwenu. My All White VIP birthday party was too lit and the turnout was amazing. Big up to the VIP’s who made it ..’ – Jacquie

Jaqueline & Dr Kelechi ..’

Love has taken me to many places that hate never thought. Renew me. Renew us. #Agape ..’ – #In14Ways

Happy Birthday Ms Wabara..

#IHopeIWasInTune 🤣😍AnthonyEverestMusic

Produced by Aremuorin

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