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Why #love wins – #In14ways #MercyfulGrace #AnthonyEverestMusic

Love always wins. Teach folks how to love themselves first. It’s the blue print to life.

One of the greatest myriad of truths in life lessons you’d ever learn is that people change.

For better, and for worse. Be prepared ..’

– Aremuorin

Bring me epic people. Got no time for mundane, basic, and mediocre, people ..’

I can see why some don’t believe in God. If those who do are worse than the devil. Why would they. I’d be neutral too if I didn’t know the truth.

Recycle negative people like a washed up cloth. Let go of the #stains ..’ – Aremuorin

Humans are capable of dispicable evils. My Dr told me recently: ‘The truth is philosophical’. It’s on point.

I heard what a mother did to her child today & I nearly died inside. People wonder why I dont like mothers day. This is why.

Would have loved to play you all the testimony but it’s in my native toungue. I’m too busy to translate it. Maybe later.

But it woke me up in several ways; so much I recalled a whole lot of evil species of the human race walking-talking, fooling the masses, as normal nice beings.

I believe self love is the tool to unravelling and processing those who don’t love us but continue to lie to us that they do.

Think #again ..’ – #In14ways

#Light #Love #Power
#Aremuorin #Narcissism

By Anthony Everest

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