Friends – ‘Sunday #Confessions’ – #In14Ways #AnthonyEverestMusic

I loathe fake friends like bad religion with every ounce of my soul ..’ – Anthony Everest

Money …’

When you have money you have lots of friends. But when you don’t they will leave without even saying good bye. Not even wishing you good luck. It’s disgusting ..’ – Anthony Everest Take care of your Soul. It’s the only thing the devil is after. The rest is distraction and a waste of time.Continue reading “Money …’”

Letting Go – ‘Fake People’.

When God (the universe) reveals – fake people to you ..’ Let them go. I speak from experience. The reason is – when real people come along, and they see you with them, they will think you are just like them – and write you off the same. I’m not talking about hear say, bitchyContinue reading “Letting Go – ‘Fake People’.”

Anthony Everest Music Diaries with ‘Love’ – Lets get this right by

Lets get this right. Got no time for fake peeps. What you see is what you get, with me. Haters only hate, when you are doing, something, right. I beta shake it off. The truth can not be suppressed, because the truth is in Love* – and that’s exactly, what God* is. :: That’s whyContinue reading “Anthony Everest Music Diaries with ‘Love’ – Lets get this right by”