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‘Mending Fences’ – Friendships #In14Ways #AnthonyEverest #KissMeBaby #

Love is the truth …’ If it contradicts love – then it’s not the truth.

Let me take this as an exercise. Yo :: If I have fallen out with you – or vice versa, now, in the past or in the future; I hope it won’t be too long before we patch things up.

Two of my friends have died this year around the same time – whom I held grudges with. If only I could turn back the hands of time – I’d say I love them one more time. One died of Breast Cancer and the other, Liver Failure.

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The friend who died of liver failure, invited me to his pad up north for the weekend, and we ended up having a petting argument. Then he told me to leave, and never call him again. I always thought about him, and our pettiness (even thou we sang Luther Vandross songs together, with lots of great memories in between). He loved Luther so much.

Now he’s gone. Bet he would have never thought this would happen to us. Chris was a great man. In spite the situation surrounding his passing – we had a lot of jolly memories. I nearly called, but never made that call. For the simple reason, only to find, out today, he was very, very sick and died at a very young age. Now Life is short. And for what? The hustle. If …

Money never will buy you class …

It’s all about the money :: none of which we are taking anywhere, now or never. Hence. Love is the only truth. I stay in Love* :: Have a beautiful day. I beg of you – God Is Love and My Only Truest Love :: Hope this love finds a way to your heart :: Amen ::

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