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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Jesus – ‘Santicmonious Believers’.

​So these santicmonious religious mofos are trying to tell me because some folks dont believe in Jesus they should not recieve Jesus. Really? 

The same people who celebrate xmas with them and other paganic events ignorantly ..’ Some xtains should come with embarrasment warnings ..’ Read !!! 

Now tell me. When it rains. Does it rain only on believers? Or does God not see all the fake decievers in churches pretending to be preachers? Did Jesus feed only believers when he fed the five thousand ..’

Just saying. Wrap up. You might catch a chill ..’ I think I am going to self medicate for a week at this rate lol. I am getting out of control for I’m afraid of myself; what I might say or do for love. Can’t calm down. I’m buzzing. 

Although, I am writing songs as if I am on a ‘Dolly Parton Songwriting Binge Contest Fest’. Maybe I should lock myself away in a studio for 6 months, instead, and have it out ..’

Be it said, I asked for double portions of 7 folds of my previous annointings on my gifts. So when they say, careful what you wish for – it’s no joke ..’

But then again, love is out of control. It just flows. To have trust in an unwavering faith, is a whole lot of truth; than in humanity, taken as a pinch of salt ..’

Above the love of God there is no other ..’ Dear God don’t take me where your grace won’t protect me! Here is where I stand ..’ Amen !!!

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Written by Anthony Everest

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