Brighton – Thank You !!!

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Anthony Everest

Thank you so much for the support Brighton. I loved the energy.

Next time I will endeavour to bring the full band. It’s all about the coins these days. For the right gig the bands will commit. For now; I do the acoustic / solo thing (in extenuating circumstances). Sorry the selfies were dark.

On behalf of Musiq Man and Olli How Trio and myself Anthony Everest thank you for coming. Pls follow us on social media and support the merchandise on iTunes / Spotify and etc.

It’s the only way we survive as artistes.

Grab a few downloads and thanks for signing up and continue to share the media. I have a few blogs which are a different angle to this; where I bash bad religion, talk about my faith in God and support the LGBT among other good stuff.

I wrote a lot – holistically; when I was down, and decided to publish it to help a lot of ppl like me or interested folks. So, there is a lot of editing still to do on some of them but; there are pretty awesome advices on there. Check out #MercyfulGrace.

Whatever your struggles are I hope it brings you clarity. Love does. It free’s ..’ There is nothing above love.

The fans are awesome ..’

My instagram and twitter feels like a ghost town. It needs some love ..’ 🤣😂😁


Anthony Everest
Writer / Musician / Blogger

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