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Phillipp Schofield is Gay: What is new? So is #BillyPorter ..’ – #In14Ways #Lgbtq #MercyfulGrace

Written by Anthony Everest

Interesting. If I told you black folks are always the last know. Would you be surprised? This thread is indicative of how the black race have always been 10 years behind others at survival games.

All the way to White Jesus that bitch slapped us all the way from our own Gods in Africa psychologically, economically and with what all the other isms you could find. SMH.

More closeted black bi men infect their spouses with std’s right underneath their nose in their matrimonial homes, on their matrimonial beds, than those living their truths in the open.

Why? Cuz the Lgbqti community get sex education and support. So they largely protect themselves with knowledge and information which is power.

But some of you are too busy worshiping white Jesus to notice the irony.

There are tonnes of black gay, bi men & women and sorts all around you, in low and high places, but you do not want see. You rather have the lie and live the fairy tale. So life gladly feeds it to you.

Billy Porter did not marry for 27 years and lie to himself but he was held prisoner to the ideation that he was not masculine enough to fit in.

Osumare in African folk history is the personification of the Lgbtq appropriated in the west. Powers that some of you are self hating because of epigenetics and the trauma of bucking; that Africans ought to otherwise harness, utilise and monetise all the way into sunset because of Grace.

The last time I checked, the “Eve Gene” preceeds White Jesus.

Love is love ..’ – #In14Ways

#IfYouNeedMe #GodIsLove

Psalm 91:1-2

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [1]

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