Happy Easter To Everyone !!! – #In14Ways #SundayConfessions #Easter #MercyfulGrace

Wrritten by Anthony Everest “You can seek out the things but miss God” – William McDowell My first ever audition at 21. A major audition. God told me to decline the contract which I disobeyed, but heavily paid for by ripping my larynx in a week. It took me over a decade to recover. PraiseContinue reading “Happy Easter To Everyone !!! – #In14Ways #SundayConfessions #Easter #MercyfulGrace”

Money …’

When you have money you have lots of friends. But when you don’t they will leave without even saying good bye. Not even wishing you good luck. It’s disgusting ..’ – Anthony Everest Take care of your Soul. It’s the only thing the devil is after. The rest is distraction and a waste of time.Continue reading “Money …’”