How I quadrupled my birthday messages this year ..’

Thank you for all the birthday messages ..’

I don’t believe in law of attraction

Source: I don’t believe in law of attraction Anyone can shift, their focus and perspective; it does not validate law of attraction in my book.  So all the #babies molested, women #rapped, #trafficked and abused attracted that to themselves? Utter rubbish !!!  #MercyfulGrace Yes we are edowed to #create immensely. Some for #good or evil.Continue reading “I don’t believe in law of attraction”

Anthony Everest 

I am a writer, musician and producer from London born and raised; partly in Nigeria to Nigerian parents. My music compares with Asa or Sade..’ I record as ‘Anthony Everest‘. View this post on Instagram A #clip of @AnthonyEverest from the #documentary – The #Migration of '#African #Music To the #West' singing #BonNiKinBu. #MercyfulGraceContinue reading “Anthony Everest “