My Music MasterClass Workshop With Natalie Part 1a & b – #In14Ways #AnthonyEverest #MercyfulGrace

Music Masterclass Workshop with Natalie & Anthony – Part 1a🌹♥️🎵


When I was 21, I tore my larynx. They said I’ll never sing again. Ever since my impeccable, beautiful tone and outstanding wide vocal range was forever compared and deemed a shadow of it’s self by the critics. I was one of them, too. The cruel mental mind games had begun.

This made me feel vulnerable, vocal shy, and withdraw from performing so much that I lost confidence in my own stella abilities and vocal talents.

I since then turned more and more to songwriting to over compensate. I do enjoy writing too, thou, I’ve missed great singing too. So I revisted me, in this workshop with Natalie, to take back those years.

Set List – Part 1b ❤️🌹🎵

  1. NATURAL WOMAN – Part 1b
  2. ALL OF ME
  4. GHETTO DREAMS (Piano Solo)
  5. EMPTINESS (Piano Solo)
  6. NATURAL WOMAN – Part 1a (Bonus: Audio)

This was a lot of fun. Enjoy. Please ignore all the mistakes. It’s a workshop and meant to be vulnerable, risky, experimental and endearing, for growth.

I learned so much from this experience. It taught me much about, vulnerability, trust, self control and letting go despite a broken arm I suffered on route to the same workshop the upper week which landed me in AE and a sling. It’s amazing what, determination, pain killers and adrenaline can do.

My my. Natalie is incredibly gifted and kind. She should be paid more than a million bucks a day for her talents. I’m moved. Thank you ♥️🌹

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