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Written by Anthony Everest

Prayers of Mercy
Prayers of Grace
Prayers of Love
I wish you ..

On Wednesday St Mungo’s and the Greater London Authority (GLA) announced that, together, their teams have supported 250 vulnerable people into hotel accommodation since last weekend.

The hotels being used are run by the Intercontinental Hotel chain, with black cab drivers facilitating the operation. Fantastic news. Like I said, “Help is on the way”. There’s still more.
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I do not know if corona is truely airbourne or not, but I feel we have different coping, immune systems. For me. I apply wisdom with faith. Metaphysics.

I pray and believe in the best outcome. I symphathise with all those who are vulnerable. Even for me and my network.

What God does is epic. A certain recent event broke down a Godly revelation of humans wickedry ways.

My prayer is help reaching others short of it. May you be comforted.

My focus is on living; come what way may, through the quarantine observing the professional guidelines.

I still believe faith can move mountains. That is why I say mine with a vivid smile to take off the edge even through the fear of a deadly virus – because I believe in Grace ..’

This too shall pass like the ones before it.

There was a pass over once, in Egypt, for the Israelites because of the blood of the lamb.

I believe that Grace is made available unto you and I, through ‘Jesus Christ’, by faith, prayer and good works ..’ But you must believe!

May God almighty, ruler of all great and small, have mercy on us all ..’

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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