Keep us from #evil ..’ – #In14Ways #IfYouNeedMe #AnthonyEverestMusic

The evil that some do only curries for a while. Let God be their judge. I learned this great lesson. Be a good #steward ..’ – Anthony Everest

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Greetings humanity,

I’ve truely innately metamorphosized over the last few years from the politics to the religion, shaping our daily humanities after I became very well known for my Godly talents.

Jealousy & envy became my defiant best rivals. With time, I climatized to the ideation of life, as it is. Thieves don’t break into empty houses.

Then I begain to exhail. Finding solice in faith made love pave the way. So, they had to let me be.

I’m no orthodox preacher or teacher but I concurr with the bible on this one. Jesus said: “GIVE UNTO CEASER WHAT BELONGS TO CEASER AND GIVE UNTO GOD WHAT BELONGS TO GOD”. Mark 12:17

Master this and your days will be well.
God is a good God and ever present. Get to know him one on one. It’s not your’s, or my place, to force people to pray this away, or how to.

This is why I’m only hanging out with good people these days that make my soul dance. The rest is a waste of time.

Above the love of God there is no other ..’ Dear God don’t take me (us) where your grace won’t protect me (us)!

Here is where I (we) stand ..’ Amen !!! What’s your view? Share this with someone!

Pass it on ..’


By Anthony Everest

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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